Green Initiative

Additional Efforts

City Center has partnered with Alvéole, a social beekeeping company, to bring a beehive with approximately 50,000 bees to the towers. The installation of the beehive at City Center requires minimal resources, but will bring enormous direct and indirect benefits, notably social and ecological. This urban beehive will repurpose an unused space as well as educate the community. The new tenants will pollinate the urban flora that surrounds Fort Worth during the summer, which will provide a positive impact to the surrounding ecosystem. At the end of the season, the beekeepers will harvest the honey from the City Center location and then share it with the community. Programs such as this help to raise awareness surrounding industrial agriculture and its devastating impact on the environment.

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Additional Efforts

changes within

  • Both towers are sheathed in gray glass chosen by the architect and implemented in the design for its light-reflected coating and energy-efficient qualities.
  • Many restrooms have been converted to hands free fixtures.
  • Direct digital controls have been installed for the majority of HVAC Systems.
  • Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, copy paper, cardboard boxes, newspapers and other materials are recycled throughout the development on a daily basis.
  • Majority of the lighting within the buildings have been converted to LED lighting.
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Electronics Recycling Program

We offer an electronics recycling program to our tenants, and collection is ongoing/as needed. The items collected may include PCs, LCD Monitors, Printers, UPS Batteries, CRT Monitors, LCD Televisions, Microwaves, etc.

In 2018, the EPA reported that US consumers and businesses generated 2.7 million tons of electronic waste, and only 24.9% of this waste was recycled. Once electronics reach the landfill, materials cannot be recovered, and hazardous substances can contaminate the soil and water.


According to the EPA,
“Recycling electronics helps reduce pollution that would be generated while manufacturing a new product and the need to extract valuable and limited virgin resources. Electronic recycling also reduces the energy used in new product manufacturing.”

What's the Buzz

City Center has new neighbors! We’re proud to take part in the movement for a more eco-conscious city by installing a beehive on The Grill’s patio in City Club! Our beehive will be home to thousands of bees. Our new colleagues are pollinating the urban flora that surrounds us this summer. At the end of the season, we’ll harvest their honey and share it with our community.

What about stings, you ask? No need to fret! Bees really aren’t interested in human beings. They have one goal, and one goal only: to collect nectar and pollen from flowers within a 3-mile radius of their hive and bring it back to ensure the colony’s development.

Plus, bees die when they sting. It causes them to lose their stinger and a part of their abdomen - meaning they really have no interest in doing so, unless they feel their colonys threatened.

Our project is in collaboration with Alvéole, a social beekeeping company that has been around since 2013. They have partnered with hundreds of schools and companies like ours on beekeeping projects. Each hive creates greater ecological awareness, allowing city dwellers to reconnect with nature and adjust their sense of responsibility towards the environment. This season, we will discover the ties that bind us to bees and the flora and fauna that surround us, right here in the city.

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